Ace Referee

The Ace Referee app runs on both iOS and Android devices. It allows you to lose the pencil and traditional paper scorecard. It keeps track of the score, players, timeouts and everything else you need as a handball, racquetball or squash referee.

In addition to allowing the referee to manage the match, Ace Referee broadcasts the score every time there is a score change or server change. Spectators can use the app to monitor scores of up to 10 matches simultaneously. With a Chromecast® device you can also show the score of up to four matches on a TV monitor.

Ace Referee also works in conjunction with Bracket Ace tournament management software. Scan a barcode on a Bracket Ace scorecard, referee the match, and the match result is automatically posted to Bracket Ace.

When using Ace Referee with Bracket Ace tournament hosts can use the Bracket Ace Roku® app to display live scores or brackets on a Roku enabled TV.

Now with live streaming site Twitch, and the Ace Referee extension, you can use the Ace Referee app to drive a video scoreboard overlay that is shown on top of the live stream. Learn more