Live Score Setup

Enabling the Live Score option allows spectators to see the score in real time. Often viewers cannot hear a referee during a match. Ace Referee alleviates this problem, and it allows users the ability to monitor multiple matches simultaneously. Before refereeing a match, the referee should enable live scoring to allow a world-wide audience to observe the match in real time.

Enabling Live Score mode involves a few simple steps.
1. Enter the settings menu in AceReferee.
    On Android devices this is achieved by pressing the menu button on the Ace Referee main screen.
    On iOS devices enter the settings menu by pressing the information button at the bottom right of the main screen.
2. Set the Game Type to the appropriate sport you are refereeing or plan to view.
3. Pick a screen name and tap the Register button.
    You should see a response that the screen name has been registered.
    If the screen name has already been taken, then you must select an alternate screen name.
    Note: Some iPhone users have been getting a blank screen when trying to register. An update is coming to fix this. In the interim, users have been having better success using Wi-Fi.
4. Enable Live Score
    On Android devices this is a check box.
Android Live Score Image

    On iOS devices this is a slider switch.
iPhone Live Score Image